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How to Write Argumentative Essay – Quick Guide

How to Write Argumentative Essay – Quick Guide

A successful and effective argumentative essay should include certain elements that are necessary to persuade the reader to understand your point of view. When you know how to write an argumentative essay you will express your opinion clearly and effectively. This task requires some practice so make sure to write several texts before the audience will see your essay.


  1. What is an argumentative essay
  2. The structure of the essay
  3. Process of the writing
  4. Do a research
  5. Argument strategies
  6. Apply Final Touches

What is an argumentative essay

The argumentative essay is a genre of writing that allows the student to research on the topic. Usually it includes two or more conflicting opinions. The author is responsible for presenting his or her point of view clearly and with the strong use of logic. In order to do so, the student collects necessary information that will help to evaluate evidence.

Understanding of the argumentative essay’s main purpose is very important. A student should fully investigate the topic – this means that you need to extensively research all the aspects of the issue. Gather as much information as you can on various points of view so you will see the wider picture of the issue. This type of essays provides a summary of the topic and a clear indication of the writer’s personal opinion.

The structure of the essay

The basic structure of an argumentative essay consists of:

  • introduction;
  • body;
  • conclusion.

Introduction. Writing a clear introduction gives you a chance to make a great first impression. The opening paragraph should include the overall context of the topic. Students are required to write a review in a general way. Then the writer needs to explain the importance of the issue. After that, the author indicates the thesis statement. The beginning part of the argumentative essay is important for persuading the audience in the author’s point of view.

Body. Paragraphs that are considered as the body part of argumentative essay include the discussion of the main topic. Limiting the content to one issue will help you to write a clear and persuasive text. Each paragraph of the body should have a strong logical connection to the thesis statement, that is contained in the introduction. The body part should include evidence that support the topic and explain your point of view. They are based on the facts that you have collected during the research.

Make sure that your argumentative essays describes and explains not only your opinion regarding the issue.

The author should dedicate several paragraphs of the body part of the essay to the alternative or even opposite points of view. Try to explain how these opinions are wrong – because they do not align with the thesis logically or maybe they are not contemporary. While writing about conflicting opinions stay emotionally neutral and tolerant.

Conclusion. This part of writing an argumentative essay may cause some struggle. However, it is really important as it leaves the overall impression on the mind of the reader. Make sure that it is written with the strong use of logic. Do not introduce any new facts or information in the conclusion part. It is more effective to sum up the information given in the body part of the essay. You can say once again why the issue is so significant, but make sure to use different words and phrases.

Process of the writing

The important first step is choosing the right topic. Consider 2-3 issues and choose the one that sparks at least two solid conflicting points of view. Try to find the topic that is interesting to you or you feel a connection to. Teleological argument essay is a great choice for students who are studying philosophy. If you do not know the topic well you can either make an extensive research or find an issue that is more familiar to you.

However, interest in the topic should not replace strong and logical arguments. Ontological argument essay is considered as one of the most difficult for students because it requires an extensive research. In order to write a clear cosmological argument essay you need to get information on the most cosmological versions, such as Martinus Thomsen’s Cosmology. Dive into the theme and pay attention to systematize the new knowledge. Check the spelling of the new words and use vocabulary for discovering their meaning. The more useful information you get the more confident you will feel while writing.

Do a research

After the topic is chosen, you should start researching on it. Make sure that you manage the given time correctly so you will meet the deadlines of the task and do a proper investigation on the issue. Choose only trusted sources such as books, magazines, articles, documentary films that are created by well-known authors. Pay attention to scientists, philosophers, writers, artists etc. that have gained some recognition because of their works. It is not recommended to use Internet websites the do not credit the source of the provided information. Actually, check the information that is found on the websites.

It is a great decision to use quotes that support your point of view. Choose the ones that are referred to the experts of the field. Research on when and why the saying appeared and what the author wanted to point out.

While researching, make sure to include various opinions. Although it is important to have strong arguments for your point of view, the audience also needs to know alternative versions. Moreover, you would need to know the strongest aspects of the opposite opinion in order to prove yours. Get prepared to defend your opinion in advance.

How to write argumentative essay effectively? Gather evidence of your point of view. Do not provide emotional drama in the writing, it is the logic and bulletproof arguments that will help you to succeed in this task. Brief exploration of two or more sides of the issue followed by evidence is the best strategy for this type of essay. The quotes should be presented in the quotation marks so the reader will understand that the saying is not yours.

Argument strategies

There are several types of argument strategies that you can use. Classical variant consists of:

  1. Introduction: announce the subject, get audience’s attention and make yourself seem trustworthy;
  2. Narration: give the context;
  3. Partitions: state thesis and outline the arguments;
  4. Argument:make arguments to support the thesis;
  5. Reputation: explain why conflicting arguments are not valid;
  6. Conclusion: Summarize and offer your solution.

Classical strategy is used when you are confident about the issue or the audience is not familiar with the topic.

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Rogerian strategy is the best choice to compromise with the audience that is willing to communicate. The features of the strategy are:

  • ​the author is reasonable: persuade the readers that you understanf the conflicting opinion;
  • common ground: emphasize common values and beliefs;
  • readiness to change: know where your position can be modified;
  • compromise: your arguments should include workable solutions.

Toulmin is a strategy that is effective in highly charged debate. The format is following:

  • Data: present the evidence;
  • Claim: here you state the thesis that will be proven;
  • Warrant: this statement explains how the information backs up the claim;
  • Backing: use additional reasoning and logic;
  • Qualifier: the short sentence that limits the scope of the claim, it usually begins with “on the whole” or “typically”;
  • Exceptions: here you limit the claim once again and describe the cases that usually are excluded.

In order to choose the best strategy analyse your audience, and decide whether you would like to compromise or not.

Apply Final Touches

When the essay is finished, take a step back. You can be so involved in the process of writing that obvious mistakes will be skipped. Leave the final version of the writing for several hours or days. After that look at your own work with fresh eyes and see if there are any errors or logical discrepancies. The final overlook is important to notice the weakest and the strongest paragraphs. Rewrite the parts that look not persuasive enough.

Check the grammar. Mistakes will make your work look not professional enough. You can use online spell checkers, however it is recommended to review the essay yourself. Make sure that there are no:

  • grammar mistakes;
  • unfinished sentences or paragraphs;
  • parallelism – your essay should have one structure for the whole text;
  • formatting mistakes – do not forget to check whether the everything is correct.

Consider the following guidelines

  • Make an outline. Plan the content in advance so you will keep the essay clear yet credible.
  • Do not use emotional arguments and language because they sound irrational and are ineffective.
  • Cite the sources used in the writing.
  • Make sure that your sources are trustworthy and can be easily checked. If you are writing on a computer or any other digital device include accessible and working links to the main sources.
  • Prepare in advance for defending your point of view in case your teacher or fellow student will ask questions. Know your strongest evidences and use them clearly and logically. Avoid talking about the aspects that are weak and questionable.
  • Avoid using bad language or slang. Make sure that your opinion is proven politely.
  • After you are done with the writing, re-read the argumentative essay several times. Ask a relative or a friend to listen to your reading. Consider what they think because they will look at the issue with fresh eyes.

To sum it up, writing argumentative essay requires some practice. However, if you understand the structure and keep in mind the aim of the essay, the process will not cause you any problems. These basics of how to write a argumentative essay will help you to get the best result possible.

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