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How to Write Argumentative Essay – Quick Guide

A successful and effective argumentative essay should include certain elements that are necessary to persuade the reader to understand your point of view. When you know how to write an argumentative essay you will express your opinion clearly and effectively. This task requires some practice so make sure to write several texts before the audience will see your essay.


  1. What is an argumentative essay
  2. The structure of the essay
  3. Process of the writing
  4. Do a research
  5. Argument strategies
  6. Apply Final Touches

What is an argumentative essay

The argumentative essay is a genre of writing that allows the student to research on the topic. Usually it includes two or more conflicting opinions. The author is responsible for presenting his or her point of view clearly and with the strong use of logic. In order to do so, the student collects necessary information that will help to evaluate evidence.

Understanding of the argumentative essay’s main purpose is very important. A student should fully investigate the topic – this means that you need to extensively research all the aspects of the issue. Gather as much information as you can on various points of view so you will see the wider picture of the issue. This type of essays provides a summary of the topic and a clear indication of the writer’s personal opinion.

The structure of the essay

The basic structure of an argumentative essay consists of:

  • introduction;
  • body;
  • conclusion.

Introduction. Writing a clear introduction gives you a chance to make a great first impression. The opening paragraph should include the overall context of the topic. Students are required to write a review in a general way. Then the writer needs to explain the importance of the issue. After that, the author indicates the thesis statement. The beginning part of the argumentative essay is important for persuading the audience in the author’s point of view.

Body. Paragraphs that are considered as the body part of argumentative essay include the discussion of the main topic. Limiting the content to one issue will help you to write a clear and persuasive text. Each paragraph of the body should have a strong logical connection to the thesis statement, that is contained in the introduction. The body part should include evidence that support the topic and explain your point of view. They are based on the facts that you have collected during the research.

Make sure that your argumentative essays describes and explains not only your opinion regarding the issue.

The author should dedicate several paragraphs of the body part of the essay to the alternative or even opposite points of view. Try to explain how these opinions are wrong – because they do not align with the thesis logically or maybe they are not contemporary. While writing about conflicting opinions stay emotionally neutral and tolerant.

Conclusion. This part of writing an argumentative essay may cause some struggle. However, it is really important as it leaves the overall impression on the mind of the reader. Make sure that it is written with the strong use of logic. Do not introduce any new facts or information in the conclusion part. It is more effective to sum up the information given in the body part of the essay. You can say once again why the issue is so significant, but make sure to use different words and phrases.

Process of the writing

The important first step is choosing the right topic. Consider 2-3 issues and choose the one that sparks at least two solid conflicting points of view. Try to find the topic that is interesting to you or you feel a connection to. Teleological argument essay is a great choice for students who are studying philosophy. If you do not know the topic well you can either make an extensive research or find an issue that is more familiar to you.

However, interest in the topic should not replace strong and logical arguments. Ontological argument essay is considered as one of the most difficult for students because it requires an extensive research. In order to write a clear cosmological argument essay you need to get information on the most cosmological versions, such as Martinus Thomsen’s Cosmology. Dive into the theme and pay attention to systematize the new knowledge. Check the spelling of the new words and use vocabulary for discovering their meaning. The more useful information you get the more confident you will feel while writing.

Do a research

After the topic is chosen, you should start researching on it. Make sure that you manage the given time correctly so you will meet the deadlines of the task and do a proper investigation on the issue. Choose only trusted sources such as books, magazines, articles, documentary films that are created by well-known authors. Pay attention to scientists, philosophers, writers, artists etc. that have gained some recognition because of their works. It is not recommended to use Internet websites the do not credit the source of the provided information. Actually, check the information that is found on the websites.

It is a great decision to use quotes that support your point of view. Choose the ones that are referred to the experts of the field. Research on when and why the saying appeared and what the author wanted to point out.

While researching, make sure to include various opinions. Although it is important to have strong arguments for your point of view, the audience also needs to know alternative versions. Moreover, you would need to know the strongest aspects of the opposite opinion in order to prove yours. Get prepared to defend your opinion in advance.

How to write argumentative essay effectively? Gather evidence of your point of view. Do not provide emotional drama in the writing, it is the logic and bulletproof arguments that will help you to succeed in this task. Brief exploration of two or more sides of the issue followed by evidence is the best strategy for this type of essay. The quotes should be presented in the quotation marks so the reader will understand that the saying is not yours.

Argument strategies

There are several types of argument strategies that you can use. Classical variant consists of:

  1. Introduction: announce the subject, get audience’s attention and make yourself seem trustworthy;
  2. Narration: give the context;
  3. Partitions: state thesis and outline the arguments;
  4. Argument:make arguments to support the thesis;
  5. Reputation: explain why conflicting arguments are not valid;
  6. Conclusion: Summarize and offer your solution.

Classical strategy is used when you are confident about the issue or the audience is not familiar with the topic.

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Rogerian strategy is the best choice to compromise with the audience that is willing to communicate. The features of the strategy are:

  • ​the author is reasonable: persuade the readers that you understanf the conflicting opinion;
  • common ground: emphasize common values and beliefs;
  • readiness to change: know where your position can be modified;
  • compromise: your arguments should include workable solutions.

Toulmin is a strategy that is effective in highly charged debate. The format is following:

  • Data: present the evidence;
  • Claim: here you state the thesis that will be proven;
  • Warrant: this statement explains how the information backs up the claim;
  • Backing: use additional reasoning and logic;
  • Qualifier: the short sentence that limits the scope of the claim, it usually begins with “on the whole” or “typically”;
  • Exceptions: here you limit the claim once again and describe the cases that usually are excluded.

In order to choose the best strategy analyse your audience, and decide whether you would like to compromise or not.

Apply Final Touches

When the essay is finished, take a step back. You can be so involved in the process of writing that obvious mistakes will be skipped. Leave the final version of the writing for several hours or days. After that look at your own work with fresh eyes and see if there are any errors or logical discrepancies. The final overlook is important to notice the weakest and the strongest paragraphs. Rewrite the parts that look not persuasive enough.

Check the grammar. Mistakes will make your work look not professional enough. You can use online spell checkers, however it is recommended to review the essay yourself. Make sure that there are no:

  • grammar mistakes;
  • unfinished sentences or paragraphs;
  • parallelism – your essay should have one structure for the whole text;
  • formatting mistakes – do not forget to check whether the everything is correct.

Consider the following guidelines

  • Make an outline. Plan the content in advance so you will keep the essay clear yet credible.
  • Do not use emotional arguments and language because they sound irrational and are ineffective.
  • Cite the sources used in the writing.
  • Make sure that your sources are trustworthy and can be easily checked. If you are writing on a computer or any other digital device include accessible and working links to the main sources.
  • Prepare in advance for defending your point of view in case your teacher or fellow student will ask questions. Know your strongest evidences and use them clearly and logically. Avoid talking about the aspects that are weak and questionable.
  • Avoid using bad language or slang. Make sure that your opinion is proven politely.
  • After you are done with the writing, re-read the argumentative essay several times. Ask a relative or a friend to listen to your reading. Consider what they think because they will look at the issue with fresh eyes.

To sum it up, writing argumentative essay requires some practice. However, if you understand the structure and keep in mind the aim of the essay, the process will not cause you any problems. These basics of how to write a argumentative essay will help you to get the best result possible.

How to Write an Essay: 10 Tips & Examples

A good essay makes clear a student’s background and intentions. It shows his experience and helps to understand main interests.

How to write the perfect essay

Usually, we are taught to write an essay on a standard way: statement-arguments-conclusion. This approach, they say, helps to organize thoughts, make a good story, give a reader understanding of what is our point of view. On the other hand, this may sound formal, while the aim of an essay is to produce an impression. So, it needs to be individual and understandable at the same time. Here are 10 tips which help to make your essay more attractive. They are based on demands which appear in different realms of life.


Tip 1. Studying other essays

The best way to understand what and how to write is to read good examples of other essays. For this purpose, it’s necessary to know what type of essay is demanded. It may be an essay:

  • for school;
  • for university;
  • for college.

Writing works may have different themes and individual details. All the same, they show how to write an essay about yourself. They give an idea how a finished work may sound, demonstrate the language to use, help to make a list of items for development.

While looking for examples of essays it’s worth paying attention to their realm. It’s easier to cope with text essays about yourself because its main content is words. But when it’s an academic essay it may also refer to visual arts, music, film, photography and another field of activity. Then it may include drawings, musical fragments, photographs and other related elements. Pay attention to what you like and dislike in other essays, which arguments work and which don’t. Studying the best examples of other works — both of your peers and of academics — will help to shape a balanced piece.

Tip 2. Choosing the main theme

Be it an academic essay or a personal one, it’s better to choose one theme. The choice is individual and shows what you can add to what is already known. It also allows presenting a widespread fact from another point of view. One theme is suitable for both — an author and a reader. It helps to concentrate on one subject and let study it in details.


It was summer and we went for a trip to the seaside. That’s when I first thought about becoming a marine biologist. I walked along the edge of the water and examined seaweed and seashells.

In this extract from an autobiographical essay an author writes what made him become a marine biologist. It’s a good starting point for the whole story because his visit to the seaside is something like a leitmotif with other events around it. It’s important for him and informative for readers. If it’s a memorable story, then it’s full of emotions and shows well a personality of an author. And this is the aim of an essay — to hint with whom you are dealing.

Tip 3. Writing a plan

It’s worth attention when thinking how to write an essay plan. Correctly chosen items will help to write a coherent story. It will be easy to put everything brief, plain, clear and get the whole view of what is the essay about. First we make a statement or introduction, then devote several passages to some ideas, a personal attitude and arguments and after all sum up with a conclusion. It’s possible to add something else to this structure if a story needs it. The most important thing is content. It must be original and captivating, so do your best to meet a reader’s interest.


  1. I’m amazed by the marine flora and fauna.

  2. The life at sea is so curious and instructive.

  3. My contribution to the protection of nature.

As you see the next paragraph follows the previous one. All items are connected and make a logical narrative. It’s non-fictional but personal impressions make it emotional enough to intrigue a reader. But besides emotions, there is reasoning about global ecology. And it ends up with concrete steps of a person in the implementation of what he talks about. Thus, thanks to such a plan the work has a finished look.

Tip 4. Developing ideas

Items may have substructure. Each of them may have several passages which are necessary to develop the main theme. The shortest parts will be the first one and the last one. A statement just shows what is the essay about without many details. The biggest part of the story consists of enumerating ideas, events, arguments. The aim is to make a reader understand what you say, what you think about it and why. The theme and the ideas in the text must be so designed, that they convince the reader or at least start to ponder. The language must be easy and laconic, but at the same time, it must not be primitive or rude.


It was summer and we went for a trip to the seaside. That’s when I first thought about becoming a marine biologist. I walked along the edge of the water and examined seaweed and seashells…

Much time passed since I first saw the sea. Things which I picked up later has being kept on my shelf. I often looked at them and gradually started to examine their composition. I started visiting the club of young biologists. We often went to the sea, brought examples of its flora and fauna and carried out small studies. Then I made my first discovery…

I want to study Biology further not only for my personal interest. I’d like to do all my best to save the nature. I think, now it needs more attention than ever.

Tip 5. Choosing language

Choice of language depends on the purpose of an essay. If you think how to write an essay for university, show at least a glimpse of your knowledge of the subject you are going to study. Use words connected with it, but do not get hung on terms as if you already hold BA. Also, a ‘convoluted’ style may obscure the ideas which you present. Try to avoid jargon and give preference to literary norms.

Concentrate on recording the directly relevant information. As far as you write about yourself — ideas that came to your head, situations that you came across — give your language a live sound. Mind punctuation, syntax, and tone of voice.


I remember my first discovery. Once I learned that the seashell, like the tree, has rings of growth. Sea inhabitants fold the edges of their mantle, forming limestone crystals from sea water salts layer by layer. In winter mollusks grow slower than in summer. ‘Gaps’, which appear because of that, form on seashells ribs showing their age.

Tip 6. ‘Elevator Pitch’ style

This method of writing refers rather to autobiographical and the so-called five-paragraph essays than to academic works with a word limit of 5,000 words. This method is widely spread among salespeople because it helps to get as much as possible through a short period of time. A salesman imagines him in a lift with a potential buyer. While they are moving to a certain floor, a salesman must sell the goods to a buyer. He must found convincing arguments, using time limits. So does an author of an essay. For a story, such method is an additional stimulus to write everything capaciously and briefly.


I have been keen on Studying Sea Biology for a long time. I think I can suggest a way to reduce global warming by using the potential of marine flora and fauna.

The method of ‘Elevator Pitch’ may be applied to separate passages of a story, to its whole body or to its schedule. Its mission is not to hurry up an author, but to make him concentrate on the important information which can provide a response of a reader. It is also a good way showing how to write an essay fast. It’s very useful in cases when a person is short of time.

Tip 7. The main question

Along with the main theme, there is the main question hiding in the story. It is usually connected with the question ‘What is all this about?’. Your background, achievements, future plans — for the sake of what all this is being done? It’s better if after reading your essay a person could easily answer this question. To check whether it is answerable, imagine someone who asks you to summarise your story. Use a few sentences to describe the idea. If you can do it confidently than you are on the right track.


Question: Why Marine Biology is so important for you?
Answer: Its research helps to prolong our lives and make it happier. It gives us medicines and helps to treat nature carefully. It provides a huge moral support when we decorate our lives with its gifts.

Tip 8. Counseling with friends

Even if you know how to write a college essay there is a tendency to get carried away by the theme. It’s especially important if you write an autobiographical story. People like to talk about themselves and may easily devote much time and words to this theme. Even if such story is very interesting, and described events are outstanding, it’s not the case of an essay. And when one feels that it is difficult for him to describe his ideas modestly, he’d better ask colleagues or friends to read what he had written and ask them to prompt what to add to it if necessary.


I was one of the best students at the school. I was especially good in Biology. Teachers liked me and said that my parents could be proud of me.

Of course, these words may have reason and even show the author from a good side, but they sound braggy and rather stop making a good impression than produce it. After reading it a friend may advise changing such episodes, and it will be fair. The more opinions you get, the more objectivity you can achieve in your work. But don’t lose the individual style, rhythm, and narrative line.

Tip 9. Checking work

Checking work for literacy and compliance with facts is the main condition of how to write a good academic essay. Surely, punctuation, grammar, and orthography are very important. But logics and argumentation are mostly what the job is being done for. So, as soon as you finish writing the whole story for the first time, put it aside for half of an hour or so. In 30 minutes you will look at it more objectively. You will be able to change or to add, or to remove something that you consider worth of. And after somebody else checks it you will be able to make it as close to the ideal essay as possible.


Immediately after writing:
Seahorse is a wish. It breathes through gins.

After checking:
Seahorse is a small marine fish. It lives in water and breathes through gills.

Tip 10. Writing Services


Everyone can write an essay following instructions. And most likely the text will be read to the end. The work is never done in vain. At the same time, there is always a choice between your own time and forces and the work of an expert writer. There are professionals who set everything in places, and a man gets a well read story. To get such texts you may thanks to UK essay writing services. People, who write essays professionally, usually are very attentive to details they get from a person. From the very beginning, they help to concentrate on the information which really makes sense.

They may write essays of any type:

    • descriptive;
    • narrative;
    • compare and contrast;
    • persuasive;
    • argumentative;
    • five-paragraph;
    • autobiographical.

Texts are being prepared in full accordance with the English language rules and requirements of educational institutions. All of them have the highest probability of attracting the reader’s attention. Universal instruments used by writers allow you to expect a good impression produced on a reader.

There are expert writers in each realm. They not only write a good text but also include in it everything a person requires. Reliable sources of respectful issues are used. The results are constantly checked for plagiarism and every text is 100% unique. Ordering it a student may guarantee an excellent mark. It also helps to improve grades.

Independent writing works and professional services are united by one common feature: they are created to share information. As the range of cases when essays are demanded is quite wide, necessary information may be presented not only in a text but also in a visual and audio manner. At least some parts of a writing work may contain this or that stuff depending on the field of use. It means that possibilities of essays remain broad, and they are in high demand in different realms of modern life.