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Article writing

Article Writing: Practice and Determination

Writing articles is an important skill that is highly required today. It can be used in various areas of your life including studying in school or university, working in advertisement sphere, as a copywriter etc. However, in order to write an article you need to know how to structure the text, what writing style to choose etc. Considering the smallest details is the key to writing meaningful and successful articles on various topics.

Types of articles

Contemporary world requires a lot of types of articles. They can be classified depending on where they will be published. You can write an article for a magazine, a newspaper, website, etc. Articles can be also classified by the purpose it has been written:

Research articles. It’s an original research study that can improve decision making in various science fields. It’s based on gathering facts and making assumptions.

Analysis articles. These papers address information that matter to specialists in various spheres like doctors, physicians, biologists etc.

Education articles. This kind of work is about providing information in a way that it is easy to understand.

News articles. Here you should tell the events that have happened recently. If you want to write a newspaper article it’s important to possess required information.

Editorial article. Usually contains writer’s personal opinion on a topic.

Profile article. Here you can tell about a person, including details on life facts and career achievements. Gather as much information as you can and use the most outstanding facts.

Tips on writing an article

No matter if you write articles for money uk or do it for your university or college, these tips will help you to write on a better level. Consider them when you are going to work on a new writing project.

  1. Write down all ideas. It is important when you first start working on your article to keep an idea list. Write down everything that comes to mind when you see the topic. Even the ideas that at first sight seem to be silly or not interesting. It’s better to have a lot of options than to limit yourself with only few. You can choose the best ones later.
  2. Have a plan. Easy and logically clear structure is key to writing a review article or any other kind of writing. If you have a plan it’s easier for you to work too. Although it is recommended to stick to your structure while writing, you can skip some part that seem difficult for you and work on the easiest ones first. You can come back and work on the skipped later.
  3. Choose the appropriate style of writing. Academic essay and editorial article have different kind of readers so choose your style wisely. In order to find the best style check out what other writers use in articles similar to yours.
  4. Keep your paragraphs short and simple. This tip can be also applied to the sentences you write. Most readers lose interest when they see huge amount of text. It’s much easier for them to read short paragraphs and phrases. However, if you have already written long sentences, break them into several small. Or cut the unnecessary words that have no actual meaning and make the sentence sound heavy. Please note, that short doesn’t prevent you from writing stylistically beautiful and elegant. In contemporary copywriting short means strong and precise. Value every word you say and choose them carefully.
  5. Write meaningful content. Too often articles have no real benefit for readers. Many writers create abstract works and have nothing of substance to say. Make sure that your article contains something meaningful, educational or inspiring. No matter who will read it – people from the Internet, your teacher, your fellow students – everyone should discover an interesting point of view, new information, beautiful writing style. Creativity is about making an impact.
  6. Make a research. If you want your content to be useful, take some time to actually research the topic. It’s easier to write when you are aware of the significant aspects of your theme. Use only trustworthy sources. You can credit them in your article too. Avoid random Internet sources that don’t credit author. While making a research try to acknowledge a wide range of aspects of your topic. So you could provide a whole picture for readers.
  7. Tell stories. Real life examples, myths or legends – this kind of information usually is remembered by people really good. Because stories are unique, they might not have original meaning, however, the details are authentic.
  8. Study other articles. You can learn a lot by simply observing works by other people. However it’s important to choose the best examples of writing to educate yourself. Find the ones you like the most and try to analyze why you think that they are successful. Maybe it’s writing style, interesting way of telling a story, bright and memorable examples etc. Find it and learn from it.
  9. Come back later. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to let your brain rest a little. Let yourself to have a little break. You can come back later and check whether there are any grammar mistakes, or maybe you could say something differently. You can also ask your relatives or friends to read the final version and express what they think. You can learn a lot from other people’s opinions.
  10. Practice a lot. Writing articles is a skill that can be achieved by anyone. So the more you write the better you will be at it. Analyze each result and try to find both successful aspects and weak points. Try to improve with every article you create. Ask for advice from other people but listen to your own opinion too.

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